RCNi Learning – CPD E-Learning to support nurses through revalidation



From our colleagues at the RCN :

RCNi Learning – CPD E-Learning to support nurses through revalidation


As part of the Royal College of Nursing, we have used our catalogue of industry expertise to develop RCNi Learning, a valuable e-Learning library with approximately 150 CPD accredited courses included. RCNi Learning has been designed to support nurses with essential training and support through the revalidation process.

Many trusts, practices and private organisations are utilising this expertise to provide their nurses with this valuable and essential resource, ensuring they provide best practice training to their staff.

Supporting your nurses with best practice training is fundamental to successful revalidation, and many nurses are now looking for packages which offer comprehensive revalidation resources.


Best Practice

This interactive e-Learning platform meets and exceeds most standards set for CPD e-Learning.  As part of Royal College of Nursing, all modules have been rigorously assessed and are all Fully RCN Accredited. Having the RCN seal of approval offers assurance that you are providing best practice training to your nurses. Please ask for a demonstration of how you can provide this training for your staff.


RCNi Learning will provide your staff with the following:

  • On line/off line access to approximately 150 fully RCN accredited CPD e-Learning modules
  • Over 50 specialist areas for both qualified nurses and students
  • Pre & post assessments to benchmark knowledge at key points within the learning
  • RCN Certification for each module – can be auto saved into RCNi Portfolio
  • Opportunity to create reflective accounts for each module
  • Fully RCN accredited content
  • Regular updates providing new and peer reviewed content
  • Off line app providing on demand training for your staff 24/7
  • Access across all devices


RCNi Learning will provide management with:

  • Full reporting & tracking facilities to check progression and highlight potential skills gaps
  • Full visibility of staff progress
  • Full administration rights
  • Options to customise
  • Options to use own LMS
  • Options to add your own modules


Making RCNi Learning available to nurses, you will be providing them with quality and best practice training through the revalidation process, making the process comfortable and less daunting. Being on the front line we hear the pain points from institutions and nurses, and RCNi is becoming the industry solution for revalidation support.


Ultimate revalidation package


RCNi Portfolio & RCNi Learning

RCNi also provide a revalidation portfolio which nurses can use to store all evidence, track hours and manage revalidation.  The portfolio provides an essential resource to revalidating nurses to help keep all evidence in one easy to use on line space. Its compatibility with the RCNi e-Learning provides the Ultimate Revalidation Package and institutions can purchase together as one complete revalidation licence.

For an on line demo please go to our website:

RCNi Learning Demo


Drop me an email at: [email protected]

I look forward to speaking with you soon.


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Portfolio & e-Learning Solutions Manager

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