Qualifying Care: new report launched at Workforce Matters event

Today (28 March 2019), Scottish Care launched a new report at a Workforce Matters event in Glasgow.

The report, titled ‘Qualifying Care: An Exploration of Social Care Registration Qualifications in Scotland’, is based on survey data collected from Scottish Care member services across adult social care (care homes, care at home & housing support services) in early 2019.

It explores different aspects and stages of achieving registrable qualifications (largely SVQs), as required as part of SSSC registration of the workforce, as well as post-registration training and learning (PRTL) requirements.

The report finds:

  • More than half of all front line workers are yet to begin their qualifications
  • There is a diverse approach to how qualifications are funded and provided across the country, but there is an accessibility issue in terms of funding for older workers
  • 20% of care homes and 18% of home care services have had to suspend employees due to not achieving qualifications in the allocated time
  • Nearly a third of home care and a quarter of care home services have experienced staff leaving employment and citing SVQ requirements as a reason

You can follow the event and discussions on the report on Twitter at #qualifyingcare

To read the report, click here.

Last Updated on 28th March 2019 by Scottish Care

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