Putting Human Rights into the Commissioning Cycle: new briefing paper launched at Conference

At today’s Annual Care at Home & Housing Support Conference, National Director Karen Hedge launched a new briefing paper for the home care sector focused on the commissioning and procurement landscape.

Entitled, ‘Putting Human Rights into the Commissioning Cycle: How to articulate your gut instinct‘, the paper outlines what is currently underway and what needs to change around five areas of commissioning:

  • procurement
  • fair work
  • competition or collaboration
  • improvement
  • intelligence and data

The paper calls for the adoption of an approach based on human rights principles in order to ensure a dignified and sustainable approach to commissioning and care.

You can follow the conference on Twitter at #homecare19

Human Rights Commissioning May 19

Last Updated on 17th May 2019 by Scottish Care

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