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‘Building our collective care future’

We are all experiencing a new care reality that has emerged from our national, local and individual response to the impacts of COVID-19. Scottish Care is leading a programme of work that will provide an opportunity for us all to reflect on and share our new care realities, and most importantly, begin to explore what this means for the independent care sector in the future.

The Collective Care Future programme involves two phases.  Phase one is focused on understanding the pandemic experience across the independent social care sector.  Phase two will focus on future scenarios to creatively explore the future of the independent social care sector.

Programme Overview

Building on the learning from COVID-19 to collectively explore the future.

Aims and engagement

Thematic Areas

Information on the six programme themes.

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Emerging insights and programme analysis.

Analysis and insights

For more information on this programme, please contact:

Becca Young, Policy & Research Manager – [email protected]

Dr Tara French, Technology & Digital Innovation Lead – [email protected]