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Digital Wellbeing

Here you will find apps and online resources that can support your mental wellbeing. Click the buttons on the left hand side and the link will open in a new tab.

We also recommend looking at Digitising Social Care’s page on keeping information and devices secure here.

A list of mental health apps from the charity Mind.

Mental wellbeing app that is self-directed using CBT and mindfulness techniques.

App that supports mental wellbeing through meditation and mindfulness guides.

A short list of apps and online resources supported by the NHS.

List of online apps and resources for mental wellbeing particularly targeted at children and young people.

List of apps and resources supporting people with issues from psychosis to eating disorders.

This self-help tool promotes resilience particularly for people experiencing challenging times at work or in their personal life.

List of mental health apps for young people.

Blethr is a unique conversational technology. It uses trusted and proven therapeutic processes to provide you with a private and secure conversational space.

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