Care Tech – Improving Digital Skills

Improving Digital Skills

On this page you will find resources that can help you feel more confident using technology. Click the buttons on the left to be taken to a new page.

To help you identify telecare and/or telehealth services for yourself or your family, friends, or people that you provide care for.

An organisation of volunteers to support charities in finding digital and tech solutions.

Any local organisation can use this service to support people who are digitally excluded.

A national digital programme enabling people and professionals to find and share information on resources, services, groups, and support in their local communities and online.

Supporting people living with dementia to create playlists of meaningful music.

Details of health and wellbeing services across Scotland.

An organisation aiming to enable everyone to be able to access digital and the benefits it can bring. 

Jargon around technology and digital can be confusing. This helpful glossary of terms can help those less familiar with working online.

The Open University has a course on improving your digital skills at the start of your digital journey.

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