Care Tech – Become a Care Technologist

Become a Care Technologist

If you are looking to become a Care Technologist or are wanting to include a similar role in your service, this page will provide you with the necessary information to get you started! 

We created the video below to explain what a Care Technologist does for phase 3 of the pilot. 

Here you will find a copy of the Care Technologist job description from the phase 3 pilot which began in July 2022. 

The ‘Getting to Know Me’ assessment document is a useful guide when having early conversations with service users about their use of technology. A few important points:

  • Try and keep technology out of the conversation!
    • It may seem counterintuitive but some people find technology intimidating. Try focussing on what’s important to them e.g. what they enjoy doing with their day, things they couldn’t live without. 
  • When talking about technology, say what it does rather than what it is
    • “With this you can turn your lights on an off without having to get up to the switch” (example talking about a smart bulb.