Preferred Supplier Webinar: CareLineLive – 11 November

We are pleased to welcome members to our series of webinars from Scottish Care Preferred Suppliers.

You can find out more about our Preferred Suppliers here.

This session will be hosted by CareLineLive on Thursday 11 November at 2:00 pm.

This session looks at ‘The Benefits of Recording Patient Welfare Data Digitally’

Join us for this webinar which offers you the chance to understand the benefits for each person within the circle of care of going digital using software to record patient welfare information.

The discussion will focus on each end user, direct or indirect, managers, carers, service users and their families. We will talk about how digitalisation works holistically to help with the efficiency of how a business is run, strengthening information sharing, and importantly improving the quality of person-centred care and outcomes for service users.

Merina, a former home care agency owner, now part of the CareLineLive team and Josh, MD of CareLineLive, will provide examples of how a home care agency can use tools such as assessments and observations to help manage the wellbeing of a service user and ensure responsive care can be given, helping to reduce hospital admissions.

Plus, there will be a chance to ask questions on the topics discussed.

Details to join this webinar will be available on the Members Area of this website.

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