Preferred Supplier: Sekoia – 16 December

Our next Preferred Supplier Webinar will be hosted by Sekoia on Thursday 16 December at 2:00 pm.

This webinar focuses on ‘Understanding the end-to-end process for going digital’.

AyoTel, Sekoia and Holmes Care would like to invite you to this webinar to present you with the going digital journey.

  • Tom Milne from AyoTel will present the main IT & infrastructure barriers and how to potentially overcome these.
  • Rachel Jarvis will present the main software considerations and give an ultra-short demo of the Sekoia digital care planning software.
  • Sheila Inshaw from Holmes Care will come along to say a few words about her experience as a manager going digital, including pains (barriers) & gains.

Don’t miss this webinar and join us. Details will be available on the Members Area of this website.

Last Updated on 17th December 2021 by Shanice