Police Scotland update on travelling during Covid-19

Scottish Care has received the following update from Police Scotland on workers travelling during Covid-19.

Further to our conversation, please see the guidance below which we would ask you to signpost to your network of carers.

This Government link explains the rules of social distancing alongside travel restrictions.

As you are aware, new legislation has been introduced in respect of the Government guidelines. At this time, the general public are largely compliant with the restrictions placed upon them and Police Scotland are engaging with the public they come into contact with and explaining the restrictions. Enforcing the legislation by means of a Fixed Penalty Notice, at this time, is not our objective.

You mentioned you had around 122,000 care workers in Scotland and the job they are doing is vitally important. Police Scotland may stop your workers travelling to and from work and we appreciate not every member of your network of carers has official ID. If workers do have ID then by all means encourage them to carry it and if they don’t, please advise them to simply explain to the officers where they work and what care organisation/care home they are travelling to and from.

This is a rapidly changing picture and one that the general population alongside the key workers are adapting to deal with. Please continue to follow UK and Scottish Government guidance alongside NHS and HPS guidance as it gets updated.