Pilotlight self-directed support project concludes

Pilotlight was a five year programme funded by the Scottish Government as part of the implementation of self-directed support.

Pilotlight co-designed seven pathways to self-directed support focusing on mental health, risk, self-employment, young people in transition, older people in transition, people with younger onset dementia and people in recovery from substance misuse.

The project tested and refined a model for successful power sharing, produced tools and resources, and developed solutions for the implementation of self-directed support. Each pathway included people who access support, local authorities and support providers.

On the homepage of the project website, we’ve published a short, animated video entitled, ‘Are you in the dark about self-directed support?‘ It provides a summary of project. Please watch, enjoy and share.

Thanks to partners and those who have supported and/or been involved in the Pilotlight project since its inception.

Last Updated on 27th March 2017 by Scottish Care

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