Care Home Celebration Day: Partners for Integration

Scottish Care's Partners for Integration project team are at the heart of supporting reform and resource sharing within the care home sector, working within local health and social care partnerships. Here, Joint National Lead Janice Cameron shares what the team are up to at the moment

Scottish Care’s Partners for Integration team plays a vital role in the delivery of integration; building relationships with key stakeholders to create a shared vision, supporting the delivery of local and national improvement programs, contributing to strategic planning and local engagement, reform and improvement sector wide. 


The Partners Team consist of 2 National Leads, 16 Independent Sector Leads supported by 8 other members of the team in various different roles. Partners work with 21 Health & Social Care Partnerships (HSCPs) across Scotland, enabling the voice of the Independent Sector to be heard at both Local & National level. 


People are at the heart of Integration and we need to ensure that those who access care and support get this in the right place at the right time but equally we need to ensure that along with our colleagues in the HSCPs we are all sharing knowledge ,skills and  values along with building trust and strong relationships.  


Stories, blogs etc are being shared by the leads today for Care Home Celebration day but we also have an event on 5th September which will showcase the broad spectrum of work undertaken by the partners across Scotland. The event celebrates and tells the story of Integration, sharing the successes of the Partnership team and what can be achieved with collaboration. 

Here are some of the Integration Leads who attended the quarterly Leads meeting on Tuesday.