Parksprings Care Home Activities

Residents at Parksprings Care home in Motherwell have been busy taking part in different activities.

Easter Competition

Residents and staff participated in an Easter competition.  Their Chefsmade an Easter cake and the residents had to make some meaningful Easter decorations to go with cake and earn the chef extra points.  Everyone all participated  for 4 weeks creating wonderful Easter pieces, stunning cakes. This was some fantastic team work which was something that residents enjoyed enormously. Stacey then won with her cake (pictured below) and everyone was delighted for Stacey’s win.

Memory Spinners

Residents were invited to work with the cast from Scottish Opera for 8 weeks to train and rehearse an Opera.  Participating and helping to create the opera together.  Residents go every week and sing, dance and learn the show with the help of staff.

Gondoliers Opera 

Scottish Opera invited our resident to train in acting, singing and performing in a live opera. Through 8/10 weeks opera training and creating arts and crafts, designing and making all the props required for the stage and for the show.

On Monday 20th June – Gondoliers was performed live in front of friends and family – It all came together with the orchestra playing everyone performing and having fun even getting the audience involved.  Magnificent and an extremely proud moment for the residents and families.

A DVD is produced and later on in the year the residents who performed will be asked back for a Film Premier on the big stage at a Venue to thank each and everyone for an amazing 10 weeks The residents get to keep a copy to share their memories with families and with the grand children for years to come.

Cinderella Pantomine

Cinderella Panto was filmed as residents recreated the amazing panto with new technology – through music therapy group Nordoff Robbins.  Its a first in this field and the results are incredible. Its only residents from the home that acted and achieved their goals.  The residents were all film stars and enjoyed every moment making their very own film. Everyone should proud of they have achieved.

Lingo Flamingo French Lessons

Residents participate in French lessons everyone week with Lingo Flamingo. This covers a wide selection of French topics and uses sensory, body parts, places and crafts for each lesson.  The residents even wrote a song with instructor Judith in French and sang the song with actions at the graduation achievement day.

Plans are for residents who choose to do a Diploma in French in August 2022 through a pilot scheme run by Lingo Flamingo.

Ice Skating and Go-Cart Racing

Residents love going ice skating with the staff and just to be on the ice with the great atmosphere makes it incredibly entertaining for everyone.  They go ice skating regularly and its always fabulous.

One residents likes to have fun and at 100th Birthday her wish was to go go-cart racing and she had a wonderful time.  Dodgem cars was then another wish which she achieved. This was picked up by the press as well as a lot of our Parkspring’s news stories. This resident was then asked to open the Glasgow Fayre as it was celebrating 100 years.

Mozart’s Don Giovanni Opera

Residents from Parksprings attended the Mozart’s Don Giovanni Opera at the Theatre Royal Glasgow  – its a special production for people living with Dementia.

Everyone had an amazing time even one residents alarmed at the stars dress on the floor getting dirty so she had to pick it up for her.  They both bonded at that moment and had a great time.  Families and staff also attended this amazing Opera.


Gardens are so important to Parkspring residents so they go shopping together to purchase new equipment from the residents choice and then working together to create their garden to enjoy and share with loved ones.

Guitar Lessons

One  residents has a love of the guitar but never managed to have the opportunity to learn so Parkspring’s staff organised guitar lessons for him at the care home . Now every week he is living his dream.

Hymn Writing

There is an amazing lady living at Parksprings who has started to write Hymns and sing them.  Religion is so meaningful to her that this gives her so much pleasure and local churches are looking forward to receiving the hymns with music to share with their congregations.

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