Reminder to take part in the Scottish Care Palliative Care Survey

Palliative Care Research


Over Winter 2016, Scottish Care is undertaking a significant piece of research around palliative and end of life care.   Through this, we will seek to:

•    Gain an understanding of the level and range of palliative and end of life care support being delivered throughout the independent care sector, and any challenges associated with this delivery

•    Identify the current skills, plus the training needs, of the front line care workforce in the independent sector
•    Explore the emotional, psychological and spiritual impact on front line staff of delivering palliative and end of life care
•    Identify any recommendations which would better support palliative and end of life care delivery within an integrated workforce environment
•    Identify innovative and best practice around palliative and end of life care provision within the independent sector


This research will be undertaken in four ways:

•    Focus groups with care home and care at home staff in four different geographical locations
•    A survey for managers and organisations exploring approaches to palliative
and end of life care
•    A collation of information around current projects, partnerships and initiatives
•    An invitation for those working in palliative and end of life to make
“This Speaks to Me” submissions (see sheet below)


Survey for managers and organisations: 
We are requesting that those with managerial responsibility within organisations
(owners, managers and supervisors) undertake a short survey issued by Scottish Care. This survey focuses on areas around palliative and end of life care such as:

•    Resourcing & commissioning
•    Training
•    Challenges & obstacles
•    Staff support
•    Organisational needs


To complete the survey, please go to: 
For more information on any aspect of this research, please contact: [email protected]                             [email protected]



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