Ordinary Living at Abbeyfield Kirkcaldy Society

It is Care Home Week 17 and today we have been focusing on Ordinary Living. 

The residents and volunteers at Abbeyfield Kirkcaldy Society have provided us a snapshot of their everyday lives and activities at the care home, providing wonderful insight into the friendships and joy fostered with care home living. 

Mary McKay

"I’m very happy and very comfortable here at Abbeyfield. In fact I’d be happy to spend the rest of my life here. I like the things we do, they are great fun and good. The food is good, there’s always something nice to eat. The staff always go out of their way to help."

Helen Key

"Life at Abbeyfield is very good. I find the staff exceptionally good. There’s always something interesting to do and I’m glad I came here to live. My husband came to visit but took unwell and he was allowed to move in here until he eventually went into hospital. I felt that was so very special and I’m grateful that it could be done. I have also been supported to achieve a life long ambition which was to go to see “Take That”. I was taken to their concert in Glasgow. I’ve got the tee shirt!"


"The family didn’t want me staying by myself due to my mental and physical state. And so the decision was made for me to move to Abbeyfield.

"Two of my biggest problems were anxiety and depression. Since coming here I’m feeling so much better, more confident and relaxed. Being here is helping me get back to a more normal lifestyle. There’s great support here from everyone. I’m allowed to help out in the kitchen set tables etc, things I once was able to do at home. I’ve established contacts at the local church where I’m going to begin volunteering and have been out with the walking group “bums off seats”. Having people around me has helped enormously, I’m much happier within myself and feel things are heading in the right direction."


"I’ve volunteered here for over eight years. I began shortly after my mum, who was a resident at Abbeyfield, had passed away. I feel me being here helps gives the care staff more time with the residents. I love all aspects of the work that I do. I have training when needed or wanted and the care staff are always supportive and great to work with. They have made me part of the team."


"My recent holiday to Pitlochry was first class in fact I would say it’s the best holiday I have ever had. The hotel was lovely, the food was terrific. I went in a Jacuzzi for the first time in my life. There were only a few others in the pool and the whole thing was marvellous. I loved the outing to the House of Bruar for a shopping trip, it was great fun – nice soup! It was so good I had two bowls of it. The visit to the new dam centre was really interesting, lots to do and see and the views were great. I liked the Heather Gems factory and shop and found gifts for my daughters. We went to the Black Watch museum but they took ages with the meals so we didn’t have much time to look around. The only two downfalls were the singer at the hotel who hadn’t a clue and the bank holiday traffic on the way up. It was a great crowd I was with and we had a great time. I’m happy living here at Abbeyfield, you couldn’t find a better place. This is my third holiday since I came here, last year was to the Trossachs, and every one has been special. Life here is great, good company, good food, great outings."

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