Open webinar on Covid-19 Vaccination – 26 Jan

Scottish Care is hosting an open webinar with Prof Jason Leitch and Dr Syed Ahmed from the Scottish Government. This session will focus on Covid-19 vaccination and will take place on Tuesday 26 January at 3PM.

This webinar session is open to providers and frontline staff. Please share this information with colleagues and staff as it is a great opportunity to ask Prof Leitch or Dr Ahmed any questions or raise any concerns about the vaccine.

If you are interested in attending this webinar, please register by clicking the link below. Once your registration is approved, you will receive an email with Zoom details to join.

Registration link:

As the Covid-19 vaccination webinar is scheduled on the same day as our weekly Covid-19 surgeries, we have decided to bring the surgery forward to Monday 25 January at 2PM. This will be an in-house session with Dr Donald Macaskill and our Workforce Lead, Caroline Deane.

Details to join this session will be available on the Members Area of our website.