NMC Letter on re-introduction of emergency standard for students

Please find below a letter from Professor Geraldine Walters, CBE, Director of Professional Practice outlining the re-introduction of the emergency standard which allows students to be supervised and assessed by the same person during this period. Adoption of this standard is optional.

However Scotland will not be using students to support workforce at this time unlike other parts of the UK. The NMC have released two statements  which you may be aware of – see https://www.nmc.org.uk/news/news-and-updates/nmc-updates-approach-to-supporting-nursing-and-midwifery-education-amid-the-covid-19-pandemic/

You will note that within one of the statements the following ‘While these emergency standards will facilitate students to support the workforce as outlined above, the decision as to whether students will be used in this way rests with AEIs, and senior health and care leaders in the four countries of the UK.’ Just to be clear in Scotland student supernumerary status is being maintained for all students and there are currently no plans for 3rd year students to support the workforce in the way outlined in the emergency standards, nor to make any changes to the balance of theory/practice for 1st years.

Update Letter to AEIs 13 January 2021