News release: Scottish Care’s Care at Home & Housing Support Awards 2020


A prestigious evening awards ceremony celebrating the best of the independent care at home and housing support sector will be held online tonight (Friday 9 October 2020) to recognise the contribution of homecare staff before and during the Coronavirus pandemic. 

Scottish Care, the representative body for independent social care services across Scotland and organisers of the event, are encouraging those working in the sector and the wider public to join the online Awards to recognise and celebrate the role of social care workers.  

Winners will be announced at the Awards Ceremony tonight, hosted by presenter, columnist and Pop Idol winner Michelle McManus. 

 Awards will be given out over ten categories:  

  1. Emerging Talent Award 
  1. Care Services Coordination/ Administration Award 
  1. Care Learning Award 
  1. Management & Leadership Award 
  1. Outstanding Achievement Award 
  1. Carer of the Year 
  1. Palliative & End of Life Care Practise Award 
  1. Technology & People Award 
  1. Provider of the Year 
  1. Positive Impact Award  

However, Scottish Care has also issued an Awards certificate to all independent sector social care workers – across private, not for profit and charitable organisations – to thank them for their continued work in providing care to Scotland’s more vulnerable citizens in extremely challenging times. 

Dr Donald Macaskill, CEO of Scottish Care and co-host of this evening’s Awards, said: 

There is an awful lot in our society which has changed since March this year but there are some things which remain the same. So it is that every day women and men are going out from their own homes to care for and support the tens of thousands of people who are looked after in their own home. The workforce have behaved with such dignity, compassion professionalism and skill over the last few months as they always do. Tonight, is a time to say thank you and to recognise the particular skills of a few but it is also a night when we acknowledge our debt of gratitude to every single woman and man who makes up Scotland’s care at home and housing support workforce. 

The awards have been hailed a huge success in recognising individuals, teams and companies, who are delivering care at an incredibly high standard in an era of challenging budgets and within an increasingly demanding work environment.   

The care awards will follow a three-day online conference with speakers including Joe Fitzpatrick MSP – Minister for Public Health, Sport and Wellbeing. 

For more information on the award finalists, please see:

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