New resource to help make better decisions

The SSSC have launched a new learning resource to help workers make better decisions when faced with difficult situations in the workplace.

Making better decisions is an online interactive learning tool that allows learners to explore their knowledge and understanding of how to manage some of the dilemmas and challenging situations that can happen in social service settings.

In the new resource learners face a range of scenarios and have to decide what they would do in the circumstances. This means they are able to make decisions in a safe environment where making a wrong choice will not affect the outcomes for people using services or themselves.

All the scenarios in the resource contain issues and aspects that often feature in SSSC fitness to practise investigations. This will help social service workers learn more about the types of decisions that could lead to investigations about fitness to practise. More scenarios to reflect other common issues will be added in future.

A key aspect of the resource is that it gives the learner the opportunity to write a short explanation of the decisions they make and compare this to feedback about the potential outcomes of their choices. This could help the learner identify gaps in their knowledge or misunderstandings about what is the appropriate action to take.

The main aim of Making better decisions is to help reduce the number of SSSC fitness to practise investigations. However, you can use it in many ways, including:

  • as part of induction
  • to help workers develop their knowledge
  • understand of how to manage challenging situations.

The resource can be accessed here:

Last Updated on 20th June 2016 by Scottish Care

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