Media Statement: Sexuality report launched

Scottish Care launches publication on dementia and sexuality

Care Cameo: Let's Talk About Sex...uality

At an event in central Glasgow today  (Thursday 8th March), Scottish Care is launching a new publication on the issues of sexuality and dementia. Written by Clive King, Terrence Higgins Trust and Jennifer Hall, Alzheimer Scotland, the publication challenges some of the popular preconceptions and taboos around the issues of sexual health, sexual identity and sexuality for older people in Scotland.

The event will address the misconceptions which exist around sexuality and older individuals from the perspective that sexuality and the ability to express oneself sexually is a basic human right. Yet the taboo of sexuality and ageing is challenging enough without considering what this may come to mean for someone living with dementia, for care workers and for care providers.

The event will bring people from across the care and support sector together to discuss some of the key issues and to ensure that a holistic, person centred approach to carefully encompasses a person’s sexuality as an integral part of care and support in both care homes and in the community.

Dr Donald Macaskill, CEO Scottish Care said:

“This Care Cameo is an important publication as it challenges some of the really negative and unhelpful attitudes which exist around older people and sexuality. All too often the discussions on sexuality and dementia focus on the need to manage behaviour, issues of risk, capacity and consent.

“As a society we need to get much better at supporting people who live with dementia, at whatever age, to be able to be full human beings – that crucially includes their ability to be sexual beings. We have to get off our prurient moral high horses and let people be fully who they are. We have to call out discrimination especially of the LGBT community and help people live well with dementia.”


Care Cameo 6 sexuality update

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