Media Statement: Joint AEA and Scottish Care conference on adult protection and human rights

Over 125 delegates from across Scotland will gather in Glasgow today (Friday 27th) to take part in a conference entitled: ‘Choice, Empowerment, Protection… Can we Achieve them all?’ A human rights-based approach to supporting, empowering and protecting older people.’

The event is being held by Action on Elder Abuse Scotland in association with Scottish Care and brings together individuals from statutory, third and independent sectors.

Speaking ahead of the event, Dr Donald Macaskill, CEO of Scottish Care said:

‘Scotland is fortunate in having human-rights based legislation which seeks to support and protect some of the most vulnerable members of our community.

Regrettably incidents of harm and abuse still take place and it is critically important that those who work and support older Scots have an opportunity to come together to ensure our protection can be even stronger and better. Scottish Care is therefore delighted to support and be involved in this event.

Adult protection and support covers the whole range of our lives. The way we allocate funds and spend our money – or choose not to – on health and social care is a human rights issue. For too many individuals today financial austerity and decisions are placing them at greater risk. That’s the case whether it is as a result of the critical shortage of specialist adult protection staff in our local authorities or the stripping out of funding to train homecare or care home staff. Both have the effect of increasing risk and a potential of resulting in actual harm.

We have great legislation and it would be an immense pity that a failure to resource protection increases the risk of harm.

The event today offers a real opportunity for different agencies to come together and put human rights and dignity at the heart of the way in which Scotland seeks to protect and support its citizens.”


Description of event:

‘At the heart of Scotland’s unique adult support and protection framework is a commitment to upholding the human rights of those it is intended to support. It’s main aims are to identify, support and protect adults at risk of harm.

Yet, many practitioners struggle with the tensions between individual autonomy and ‘state’ protection. Is it possible to support and protect adults at risk of harm, while ensuring choice and empowerment for the individual?

Two of Scotland’s leading representative organisations invite you to join our engaging conference to contribute to the debate, share experiences, and find out about national and local developments in this area.’

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