Local community offers support to Dryfemount Care Home during Covid-19

We have always valued, maintained and nurtured our links to the local community, however it is in times like these that we are left truly humbled and elated by the words of encouragement and support we have received since the pandemic begun.

This was valued more recently, when we were facing a true crisis that left the team feeling very low in morale and devastated, by the pandemic. The unexpected kindness and gifts by local groups and businesses as well as families and friends of Dryfemount have given the team a much needed boost and put smiles on their faces.

Early on, Jane Power and a large number of individuals within our community immediately responded when Dryfemount posted an appeal for DVD Players and DVDs to distract residents attention away from the news and constant negativity of the pandemic. We were overwhelmed by the response,  with DVD Players, DVDs and even some TVs being delivered to the home.

Arla Creamery in Lockerbie delivered  Easer Eggs to all residents and staff, TK Max delivered many goodies and gifts, the Young Farmers brightened out surroundings with a donation of plants and kindly offered assistance of planting them.

Needlework of Lockerbie Cluster Group and NHSD&G for the Love of Scrubs also contributed wash bags. Many of our residents family members have dropped of little things to lift spirits within the Care Home and shown their support as well as messages of support, reinforcing and  reminding the staff they are doing a great job, playing an important role in ensuring the wellbeing of the individuals in our care.

I have seen many other homes being given that same kindness, support and encouragement.

It is in times like these that we truly see how bright our communities shine, providing that much needed ray of hope and happiness that encourages many to keep on going no matter how bleak it may seem at this time.  We all must continue to support each other and lend strength where it is needed.

Melanie Wilson

Dryfemount Care Home Manager

Last Updated on 6th May 2020 by Shanice