Learning and development programme: for care home volunteer coordinators

As part of Care Home Week and Volunteering Day, we are pleased to be able to share details of Volunteer Scotland's learning development programme for care home volunteer coordinators.

This programme has been designed to assist individuals and organisations with the development of volunteer participation within different sectors including the care home sector.

This learning and development environment will encourage individuals to learn new skills in attracting, motivating and celebrating volunteer engagement, while exploring a new way of community engagement through a more inclusive volunteering offer.

Through Volunteer Scotland's volunteer management courses, participants are empowered to explore the key stages of the “Volunteer and Organisational Life Cycle” while exploring different approaches to create a positive environment for volunteer participation. This process also explores the relationships between volunteers and the wider organisation.

Through a unique learning approach, individuals and organisations will explore their understanding of volunteering, its current trends and best practice.

Volunteer Scotland's leadership courses explores the role of leadership within volunteer development and encourages a “new mindset” to the delivery of volunteer participation within a changing landscape of public reform, developing communities and individuals expectations/potential.

For dates and further information contact Adrian Murtagh - [email protected] (01786) 479593

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