Launch of ‘Coileanadh’ – Manifesting a flourishing social care future for Scotland. 

 Today, Monday May 17, 2021, we are delighted to launchCoileanadh’ – the output of phase two of our Collective Care Future programme. We are delighted to launch the findings of this programme, articulated in a future change landscape created in collaboration with Andthen, a design strategy studio. The visual landscape embodies the contributions of a diverse range of expertise and experiences from providers, staff, people supported, families and wider partners in care and support in Scotland. The findings include eight concepts and three priority areas of focus relating to the overarching philosophy and culture, the policy and partnership enablers, and the way in which change can be enacted in social care practice.  

We invite you to explore the future change landscape, concepts and the actions for change identified and join us for the webinar launch on Thursday May 20th 2pm where we will share the findings and outline how we plan to continue the conversation around a National Care Framework.   

Building our collective care future’ is a collaborative programme which commenced in June 2020 with the intention of capturing the experiences of social care during COVID-19 to build on this learning towards developing a positive vision for the future social care. 

The insights and expertise shared from our engagements have been translated to inform actions that can allow decision-making and change to materialise, which will be invaluable to key stakeholders at local and national levels. The 39 actions roadmap the ways in which practice-based change can be achieved, implemented and sustained, resulting in a more equal, rights-based and wellbeing focussed society.  

We believe the actions identified are both complementary and distinct to the recommendations of the Independent Review of Adult Social Care. Coileanadh’ explores the synergies and areas of opportunity that can help to overcome the implementation gap and articulate the key requirements of a National Care Service, what we refer to as a National Care Framework. In doing so, we aim to offer a more holistic perspective on the creation of a National Care Framework and the resulting implications for how work in this context could be taken forward. The relationship and interdependence of social care and health highlights the need for a broader view that encompasses different ways to how we approach care and support across the life course and we hope that this work is the start of a national conversation on the future of adult social care in Scotland. 

If you would like to share any feedback on the findings or ways in which you can contribute to the actions identified, please contact: [email protected] 

Sincere thanks to all our participants, Scottish Care members and colleagues who contributed their expertise and experiences across the ‘Care Futures’ programme. 

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Thursday 20th May, 2:00PM 

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 Webinar ID: 844 4924 6803 

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