Information and guidance for care homes version 1.7 – 17 September 2020

The Health Protection Scotland ‘Information and guidance for care homes’ Guidance resource has been updated as of 17 September 2020.  The most up to date version is Version 1.7.

This version includes the following changes:

1 Measures to prevent spread of COVID-19 and protect people at increased risk of severe illness: advice updated
1.2 Spread of COVID-19 in care homes: information updated

3 Providing care to residents during COVID-19 pandemic: advice updated and link to outbreak checklist added
4 Shielding in care homes updated
6 Admission of individuals to the care home: advice updated
7 Testing in care homes: advice updated
9.1 PPE: addition of extended use advice
15.2 Minimise external staff: updated
15.3 Enabling staff to follow key measures described in this guidance to prevent viral spread: information updated of staff support funding
15.4 Staff who have contact with a case of COVID-19 at work: advice updated
15.5 Staff testing: screening logistics update
15.6 Staff who have recovered from COVID-19: advice updated, including for asymptomatic PCR+ and significance for visiting
16 Personal or work travel: advice updated
17 Visiting care homes: visiting advice updated
19 Death certification during COVID-19 pandemic: updated
Annex 1: non-healthcare setting additions updated
Appendix 1: HPT contact email addresses added
Appendix 3: advice updated

The Guidance should be accessed here –

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