Individual Training Account funding – Oct update

The number of applications to be accepted has increased from 14,000 to 28,000 and the Individual Training Account (ITA) scheme will now remain open until 28 February 2021.

Up to 28,000 ITA applications will be accepted, including those already received since the scheme re-opened on 1 July. The scheme will be placed on hold when this target is met or on 28 February 2021, whichever comes first.

Individuals who are unemployed or earn £22,000 or under, including furloughed workers, can access training to build their confidence in gaining employment.

Existing social service workers can also apply for funding, for example there may be a course you want to go on to help you progress in your current role.

ITAs are available to help you develop skills for work. If you meet the eligibility criteria you can get up to £200 towards a single training course or training episode per year. And because it’s not a loan, the money doesn’t need to be paid back.

Skills Development Scotland (SDS) administer ITAs.

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Last Updated on 23rd October 2020 by Shanice