‘I feel, I see, I imagine’ Nursing Event Roundup – 12 May 2022

Huge thanks to all our speakers and attendees for coming along to our virtual nursing ‘I feel, I see, I imagine’ event on Thursday 12 May for International Nurses Day 2022.

The morning session focused on celebrating social care nursing, we heard from a number of keynote speakers raising awareness of nursing in the social care sector. We also heard from career nurses who shared their journey to becoming a care home nurse.

The afternoon session looked at highlighting the value of care homes as a practice learning environment. Attendees heard from care home providers and their experience of supporting pre-registration nursing students and using their care homes as a practice learning environment. Attendees also got the chance to ask questions during a Q & A session.

We are pleased to share the recordings and presentation slides from this event. We have also included the information collated from the jamboard in the afternoon session ‘Exploring your Care home as a practice learning environment’. These are available via the buttons below. If you have any issues accessing these files at all, please contact [email protected].

You can also catch up on the day on Twitter with the hashtag #IfeelIseeIimagine

During this event, we published a new insights report on nursing in social care.

The report titled ‘Hearing the nursing voice:  Listening to Independent Sector Social Care Nurses’ is a follow on from the 2016 report – ‘Voices from the Nursing Front Line’, capturing the experiences of frontline registered nurses working in the independent social care sector in Scotland. The report depicts the rewards and challenges of social care nursing, whilst highlighting the importance of nursing within the sector as well as the specialism of the role.

This report is now available on the Scottish Care website, please give it a read.

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