Rights Made Real – Human rights and human connections are not defined by our role

Everyone is involved in activity e.g. chef chatting with residents and finding out what people like to eat. One of the residents wrote a braille letter to the chef for the lovely selection of food that reminded him of his late wife’s cooking.

The musician knew the residents well, he knew some of their names and knew how they liked to engage, e.g. what songs they like

A support worker assisted a resident to a football match and commentates the game for him.

The support worker said to activities coordinator, “I’ve supported you, can you support me?” Teamwork is vital in helping each other grow in confidence of their own abilities.

With each activity, there is an opportunity for staff to learn about residents’ behaviour and preferences, for example, one lady sat further away during a music activity as the staff knew she didn’t like to be too close to the noise and she liked to hear from a distance.

Compassion 1.6 : “I get the most out of life because the people and organisation who support and care for me have an enabling attitude and believe in my potential.”

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