HPS Covid-19 testing guidance for care homes – v2.6

​HPS has created this interim guidance to aid NHS Board colleagues, care home providers and others interpret and implement this extended testing policy. The main purpose of this health protection guidance is to identify what is required to achieve the greatest potential reduction in the risk of transmission of the virus within primarily all forms of residential care home settings for the elderly, in the shortest possible time. The advice is therefore written from a clinical perspective and reflects a consensus on which health protection measures are likely to be the most effective in achieving the maximum reduction in the risk of infection, most quickly.

In particular, this guidance has been produced to assist NHS Board Health Protection teams (HPTs) and care home providers to manage COVID-19 PCR test positive residents and staff, especially asymptomatic test positive staff. This guidance is provided as an addition to previous HPS guidance issued regarding pre-admission testing for new (or returning) care home residents.

You can access the guidance here: https://hps.scot.nhs.uk/web-resources-container/interim-guidance-on-covid-19-pcr-testing-in-care-homes-and-the-management-of-covid-19-pcr-test-positive-residents-and-staff/


Last Updated on 18th May 2020 by Shanice