Home Care Day: Guest blog from Visioncall

‘A clear vision… why sight matters’

Today is Home Care Day, a day where we can all come together to raise awareness and champion everyone and everything which makes the Scottish care industry great.

Over the course of today Scottish Care will be celebrating a different aspect of home care, and over the next hour there we are focusing on vision.

Having a strong and clear vision of where we take care in the future is important as it gives us direction and ultimately helps us improve the wellbeing of those in need of care.

We have got involved today to help promote this message, but also to get our colleagues within the home care industry to think about our own vision in the sense of how we see the world around us, and how together we can really make a significant difference to the lives of so many people in care today.

Our core belief here at Visioncall is to enrich people’s lives through better vision, and we are able to make this a reality for so many people in care across the country every day.

But there is still so many more we can be helping see the world better and improve their daily lives:

  • Currently 50% of older people living in care are believed to have some form of sight loss, and 70% of people in care are living with dementia or severe memory problems.
  • Living with poor vision has a significant impact on most daily activities we can easily take for granted.
  • Reading, identifying hazards and even seeing the food on our plate, all becomes a major challenge if you are living with poor vision.

For someone living with a form of dementia this only becomes a more urgent need.  Dementia itself is the common term applied to describe a range of losses in brain function.  This means that the person will have a condition which will severely impact their personal, social and occupational life.

Our vision greatly impacts how we are able to interact and better understand the world around us.

Helping a person to see better simply means that they can better engage with the world around them, promote their independence and have a better quality of life

At all stages of life it is so important that you receive regular sight tests to maintain and improve your vision.  A simple sight test can achieve this and also help to identify some underlying health issues.  Our skilled optometrists do this every day in comfortable and familiar surroundings within the person’s residence.

Visioncall are proud to assist thousands throughout the country to help those most in need to achieve better vision.

Last year along we helped an elderly person see the world better every two minutes and 42 seconds.  We aim to beat this time moving forward and help even more people live a better life with improved vision.

If you currently oversee someone’s care and want to help them achieve better vision, click here: http://www.vision-call.co.uk/campaigns/free-home-visit.php



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