Home Care Day: Using an enablement approach in Aberdeen City

A good news story about someone supported by home care services in Aberdeen City

Hamish, 82, has Parkinson’s Disease but remains cognitively sound. For four years he has had support visits three times a day: morning personal care, lunch time and a combined teatime/night settling visit.

Every morning, Hamish walked with his Zimmer frame to the bathroom sink where he stood to shave himself. He then went back to his bedroom to wait for his support staff to arrive. They would bring him a basin of water and soap and help him to wash. They would then dress him and he then walked to the living room where he sat in his riser/recliner chair. Hamish agreed very cautiously to try changing his routine to a more enabling one and his personalised support plan was put in place.

2 months later:

  • He was totally independent with his morning routine, washing himself at the sink in the bathroom and dressing in the bedroom. He needed assistance only to put on his shoes.
  • He set out his own clothes, something he did not do before. He also wiped down the sink after his daily wash.
  • He asked to learn how to operate the washing machine and always had a fresh load for staff to hang up.
  • He made his snacks and drinks by himself and asked for a tray for his Zimmer frame so he could carry it from kitchen to living room. He wanted to learn how to operate the microwave.
  • For the first time in two years, he ventured out alone to the local shops to buy his newspaper. In the warmer weather, he planned to spend time in his garden.


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