Hawkill House Breakfast Club

Hawkhill House Nursing Home in Aberdeen recently started a Breakfast Club with the aim to help residents promote their independence and choice, whilst bringing their interest to food.

Mel Shearer, Manager at Hawkhill House, said:

“We are so happy to be able to give this independence back to some of our residents.  It not only promotes nutrition, but encourages social interaction.”

Judging by the photos, everyone enjoyed cooking and eating their tasty breakfast! Well done Hawkhill House!


The scent of food being cooked has caught the interest of another resident who is normally sleepy at breakfast time.

Resident sat on the table had 2nd serving which is not usual for her.

Resident cooking and not requiring a lot of instruction, came natural for her and started reminiscing about the many breakfasts she cooked for her and her husband.

Resident cooking, you can tell by her smiles how excited she was to be able to do this task.

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