Hawkhill House Memory Walk 2023

Hawkhill House Nursing Home Residents and Staff Unite for a Memorable Memory Walk 2023

In a heart-warming display of unity and determination, the close-knit community at Hawkhill House Nursing Home recently took part in Memory Walk 2023, an event aimed at raising funds for Alzheimer’s Scotland. Their collective effort resulted in a remarkable of £295.00 raised.

This act of generosity carries profound significance, as dementia continues to cast a shadow over Scotland, impacting the lives of approximately 90,000 individuals. It stands as one of the most pressing health and social care challenges facing the nation.

As they embarked on this memorable journey, participants were treated to the scenic beauty of the Deeside Railway line, offering breathtaking views of the countryside and the invigorating embrace of the open air.

The Memory Walk wasn’t just about fundraising; it was a heartfelt connection with nature, symbolising a collective step toward a brighter future for those affected by dementia. It’s a testament to the compassion and commitment of Hawkhill House’s staff and residents, who are making a real difference in the fight against dementia. Their efforts inspire us all to stand together in support of a world where memories are cherished and preserved.

Last Updated on 26th September 2023 by Shanice