Hawkhill Cinderella Pantomime

Once upon a chilly December evening in the cosy town of Hawkhill, the community gathered in anticipation for a magical event as the staff prepared for a Cinderella Pantomime on December 22, 2023.

This enchanting production wasn’t just about dazzling costumes and lively performances; it was a heartfelt initiative to support a local charity, Aberdeen Foyer, a charitable organisation supporting young people in the North East of Scotland towards independent living, learning and work.

The stage was adorned with twinkling lights and festive decorations, creating an atmosphere of holiday cheer.  As the curtains rose, the magic of Cinderella unfolded on the stage, transporting the audience into a world of fairy godmothers, glass slippers, and charming princes. The energy and passion of the performers, all staff members of Hawkhill House, shone through, making it a truly memorable experience for everyone present.

As the final curtain fell and the performers took their bows, the sense of accomplishment was palpable. Our residents, their families, our staff, and guests expressed their joy, stating that they thoroughly enjoyed the show and the fundraising efforts had not been in vain.   The Cinderella Pantomime had successfully generated a total of £230 for Aberdeen Foyer, funds that would go towards providing second chances, learning, and development opportunities for the young people of the North East.

The spirit of giving and community solidarity lingered in the air, turning this Cinderella Pantomime into a heart-warming tale of generosity and goodwill.

Aberdeen Foyer will visit Hawkhill on the 8th January along with some of the young people they support to meet us and discuss how we can work closer together.

And so, as the town of Hawkhill bid farewell to this magical night, they did so with the knowledge that their support had help create a brighter future for the youth in their community, proving that the magic of Cinderella went far beyond the confines of the stage.

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