Funding to prepare practitioners for non-medical prescribing

I am delighted to advise that we have secured 5 places on the non-medical prescribing course (see letter below for more information) This will be funded up to £1000, with individual universities setting their own cost per module. This module requires the support of a GP or advanced nurse practitioner who has already completed this, and must be confirmed before commencing the course.

This opportunity has the potential to make and shape the future role of care home nursing and therefore requires a high commitment to ensure successful completion.

Applicants can apply directly to the university.

There are 2 cohorts being funded starting September/Oct 2020 and Jan/Feb 2021.

A nomination form is attached and should be completed and submitted by the 26th Aug. Once funding agreed staff can apply to the university.

Apologies for the short timescales as this has only now been released.

If you require any further assistance please feel free to contact NES at [email protected] .


Jacqui Neil

Transforming Workforce Lead

Last Updated on 18th August 2020 by Shanice