Focus on care home workforce: nursing films

As part of Care Home Week and especially Workforce day, it is important that we celebrate the range of vital roles undertaken in our care homes.

Nurses are one part of this 54,000-strong workforce.

Over 5,000 nurses work in care homes across Scotland.  These individuals are key contributors in the delivery of quality, person-centred care and support to some of our most vulnerable citizens.

We know there are challenges relating to nurse recruitment and retention sector, and we also know that there are misconceptions about what nursing in care homes is actually like.  In reality, it is a rewarding, challenging and extremely skilled career. 

But who better to explain this than nurses working in the sector?

This series of short films highlight nurses who are working across Scotland in care homes, and are role models for us all in terms of the passion, dedication and professionalism they show in their work:

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