Take part in the first Scottish Care webinar

Scotland Excel is delighted to be the first organisation that has partnered with Scottish Care to bring you a webinar on their work to develop a national flexible framework for care and support services.

Scotland Excel is currently working with a wide range of partners (including Scottish Care) to develop a national ‘flexible’ framework for care and support services which incorporates both care at home and supported living services. This will give the flexibility for services to be purchased separately under the framework where required.

Our main aim is to develop a framework which will allow maximum choice for people using services to choose the care and service provider who best meets their needs. In addition, we hope that the framework will promote a holistic approach to delivering care and support and focus on the achievement of personal outcomes and facilitate the provision of innovative approaches to promoting choice and control. We recognise the importance of the Health and Social Care Standards and through our service specification we hope that they will be embedded into service delivery.

To date, 22 Health and Social Care Partnerships (HSCPs) in Scotland have confirmed a preference for Scotland Excel to develop a national framework for care and support and we anticipate that additional HSCPs will join the framework throughout its term.

We are making full use of the light touch regime to allow new providers to apply to be on the framework at set periods throughout its four-year duration. Providers on the framework will also be able to amend, change and add to the types of service they provide and the care groups that they support.

Scotland Excel has and will continue to engage with partners as we take this work forward. We anticipate that the development of the specification of requirements and approach to rates will be two important elements of this work. We have already run a number of events with providers and their representative groups to get their input, before, incorporating this information in to our work.

We are delighted to be taking part in this webinar which will allow us to discuss our work and answer any questions participants may have.

If you can’t attend the webinar, we would be happy to hear from you directly with any queries or input. We also have a provider distribution list where information will be disseminated. Please email us on [email protected] if additional members from your organisation should be added to this list.

Edmund McKay, Category Manager Adult Social Care at Scotland Excel

Those who wish to attend the webinars must be members of Scottish Care.

The first webinar is scheduled for Thursday 15th August at 10:00 am.

Link to webinar: https://zoom.us/j/248225386

Webinar ID: 248-225-386

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