Evaluation of the Practical Fire Safety Guidance

The Scottish Government is carrying out an evaluation of the Practical Fire Safety Guidance for Existing Specialised Housing.

The Guidance was issued in January 2020 in response to the Grenfell tragedy and was developed to bring together in one place all fire safety advice and guidelines for existing specialised housing. It covers housing such as sheltered housing, very sheltered housing, extra care, supported housing and small care homes which accommodate a few residents. It doesn’t cover large purpose-built care homes as these are covered by separate legislation.

As the guidance has been available to housing providers, building owners and agents, care providers and personal assistants, for one year now, the Scottish Government is conducting a review.  This review will explore uptake of the guidance and users’ experiences of implementing it.  For example, how useful has it been, if it has not been used, what are the barriers, how it could be improved, further support required, etc.

About Progressive Partnership

As an independent research company, we have been commissioned to undertake the review of the guidance. We work in accordance with G.D.P.R. and the Market Research Society Code of Conduct. Please be assured that your confidentiality and anonymity is respected at all times. All information provided in this study will be aggregated to provide Scottish Government with summary information, and individual respondents will not be identified in any way.

We are initially conducting some interviews with housing and care providers via Zoom. This will be followed in a few weeks’ time with an online survey that will be sent to all housing/care providers, together with umbrella organisations and industry stakeholders across Scotland.

We would really appreciate your interest in this important piece of research, and do hope you will be able to assist. If you could respond to this email, letting us know the name of the person we would best need to speak with, and provide a direct phone number so that we can be in touch and arrange an appointment with our Executive Interviewers.

If you would rather not be contacted, please email Valerie Strachan at [email protected]

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