September Newsletter from the Dementia Services Development Centre



The Dementia Services Development Centre (DSDC) based in Stirling is an international centre of knowledge and expertise dedicated to improving the lives of people with dementia.

The organisation have just released their September newsletter which is full of great information, resources and sector news. With a focus on communication and dementia there’s a great resource aid for improving your communication and it’s certainly a useful resource for anyone caring for people with dementia and their families.

There are features on design in the home and it’s implications for those living with dementia as well as articles on sexuality and dementia and legal aspects of living with dementia.

There are also a list of dementia related events from DSDC from which more information is available via the newsletter including:

Training and events

Understanding Distressed Behaviour 28 September, Stirling
Best Practice in Dementia Care 4-5 October, Bristol
Meaningful Activity for People with Dementia 18-19 October, Stirling
Alcohol and Dementia 25 October, Stirling
Best Practice in Dementia Care 26-27 October, Stirling
Introduction to Dementia Design 27 October, Stirling  Early bird rate available
Dementia Design School 8-9 November, Stirling  Early bird rate available
Alcohol and Dementia 15 November, Bristol  Early bird rate available
Meaningful Activity for People with Dementia 16 November, Bristol  Early bird rate available
Understanding Distressed Behaviour 6 December, Stirling  Early bird rate available



You can check out the newsletter here:







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