Dreaming: Wishing Well

On the final day of #carehomeweek17 our theme is #dreaming. Below we learn more about Kingdom Homes Wishing Well initiative.

Kingdom Homes has 10 care homes located throughout Fife each home dedicated to either nursing care, residential care or specialist dementia care. Within each of our care homes we ask residents to let us know if they have a dream to take part in an activity or a special day out by posting a “wish” in the Wishing Well. The Wishing Well is located in the Reception area of each home.

We have granted many wishes over the years including –

  • Taken a gentleman who for many years was manager of a cinema to a modern day cinema to see behind the scenes, how films are shown today. His wife and son were able to accompany him on the visit too.
  • The honour of taking a gentleman, the last remaining member of his Black Watch regiment, to the Black watch Museum in Perth to see the Weeping Window poppy display.
  • Taken several gentlemen to Ibrox football stadium to see their favourite football team’s ground.
  • Taking a gentleman to the paper mill where he worked all his adult life to see how the modern day mill operates. To his delight, when he was presented with a hardback copy of the firm’s history book, he discovered a photograph of himself in his apprentice days was published in it.
  • Several ladies have been taken on special shopping trips.
  • A retired bus driver gentleman went to Stonehaven for the day, his favourite destination when he used to drive coach loads of day trippers during his working life. Kingdom Homes’ minibus was at his disposal for the day and he was able to plan the route with our driver. He enjoyed lunch in one of Stonehaven’s pubs before returning home.
  • Another lady wanted to go for a drive into the Scottish countryside so she and a couple of other lady residents that she is very friendly with went to Pitlochry for the day, enjoying the beautiful scenery on the journey.
  • A wish was granted to take a lady and some of her family, back to Craigtoun Caravan Park near St Andrews where she and her husband first set up home together.


At Kingdom Homes we are delighted to be able to grant these wishes – the smiles on the faces of our residents and their families who accompany them are worth every bit of work that goes into organising the trips. We are humble to make their dreams come true, making new memories and stimulating old ones for very special people.

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