Disclosure Scotland supporting Scottish Care members

You may be aware of recent events that Disclosure Scotland held for Scottish Care members to provide advice and guidance on the disclosure process and PVG Scheme – these events were very successful, with delegates finding the sessions to be very useful both in informing their recruitment processes and increasing their knowledge of their legal obligations under the PVG Scheme.  


Disclosure Scotland remain keen to support and advise organisations who access higher levels of disclosure (e.g. PVG) and would like to extend an offer to your organisation to have a short meeting (perhaps around an hour) with a member of the DS team to:


  • Provide you with organisation specific feedback and advice on the day to day disclosure process – with the aim at ensuring that certificates are supplied to your organisation as quickly as possible.  
  • Discuss your understanding of your legal obligations under the Code of Practice and PVG Act which, as mentioned, includes a legal obligationto refer to DS irrespective of referrals to other bodies/agencies being completed.  
  • Provide with you with updates on current priorities within DS – including a review of the PVG Scheme, recent changes around the disclosure of spent convictions and the current data cleanse project within DS.   


A DS representative would be more than happy to meet at your offices if that would be most convenient for you.    Similarly, if it would be more suitable for a DS representative to attend your Scottish Care branch meeting, Disclosure Scotland would be happy to accommodate that.    


If meeting with a representative from Disclosure Scotland is something of interest to you, please provide your details to [email protected] or, if you wish to discuss this opportunity further, please contact Gareth Wilks (Compliance Manager) on 01413143153.


Last Updated on 2nd December 2016 by Scottish Care

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