Disclosure Scotland newsletter update

Please see below for latest Disclosure Scotland newsletter update.

Coronavirus update

We are prioritising checks for the workers Scotland needs at this time. Applications will only be processed for roles in the following sectors:

• healthcare
• pharmaceutical
• childcare
• social work
• social care
• prisons and justice

ID checks

We’ve had questions from employers about their identity checking processes, which they are reviewing during coronavirus.

Employers who countersign disclosures must be content with the identity of people applying for their positions. Our Code of Practice for Employers recommends sight of original documentation where possible.

It can be acceptable for employers to establish identity through other means. The key point is that the employer themselves is content with the identity of the person.

Helpline closed

We have temporarily closed our helpline. For help and support, you should now email us.

New application process

We have made a temporary change to our application process. We are no longer accepting paper applications.

Please visit our website for details of the new process. If you are submitting urgent applications related to coronavirus in the upcoming weeks, please email us.

Fees waivered

We are suspending all fees for key workers and volunteers who are being drafted to help Scotland fight against coronavirus.

This is a temporary measure which will be in place for six weeks, before being reviewed and extended further, if needed.

Disclosure (Scotland) Bill

 The Bill, which proposes changes to the disclosure system, completed Stage 2 in the Scottish Parliament on 11 March.You can view the Bill and track its progress on the Parliament website

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