Dementia and Covid -19: Medication Support

The government have contracted the Care Inspectorate to look at the prescribing, use and review of psychoactive medication in care homes during the pandemic.    This work will commence in a few months and will involve only a sample of care homes.

As your Transforming Workforce Lead, I am keen this work will inform future supports that are needed for people in the sector, including staff.

Dr David Marshall, Senior Improvement Adviser (Pharmacy) at the Care Inspectorate said “I am delighted that Dr Jane Douglas [Scottish Care Transforming Workforce Lead (Nursing)] has agreed to represent the sector at the report writings stage of this project”.

We are all aware of the impact on the sector caused by recent national investigations into operations during Covid-19. We also recognise the potential for stress with any such medication work. However, I am assured that the thrust of this work is about looking at the legitimate appropriate use of psychoactive medicines, and that the methodology used will keep operational impact to a minimum.

The beginning of Covid-19 presented particular challenges for all working in the care sector, including the necessary suspension of many of the normal services and supports that we receive and that we can offer.  Understanding the relationship between the COVID-19 virus and the impact it had on care services and on those with dementia, especially during the first wave, is crucial.

Following engagement with people with dementia and their carers, the government produced their Dementia and Covid-19 – National Action Plan.  More information on that can be found at the link below.


Dr Jane Douglas

Transforming Workforce Lead for Nursing




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