New Coronavirus (COVID-19) Guidance for social/community care and residential settings – 13 March

Dear colleague

I am writing to you to supplement information which we have already issued.

Alongside colleagues in Scottish Government, the Care Inspectorate and Healthcare Improvement Scotland we are issuing further information specifically for care homes.

Yesterday evening further guidance for community and residential settings was also published by Health Protection Scotland.

I strongly advise all providers to read these documents closely.

I would particularly stress the importance of providers trying to ensure that we are able to continue to receive new admissions into care homes at this time. Health colleagues will ensure that robust assessment and screening together with appropriate risk analysis will be undertaken for anyone transferring to a care home. It will become critically important in the weeks ahead that we are able to alleviate pressures on the acute system without any detrimental effect on the health of existing care home residents. If you have any concerns or issues on this, please get in touch with Scottish Care either directly or through the membership discussion board.

I also want to underline at this time how critically important it is to recognise nursing students as an important part of the fight against Coronavirus. We have heard that some care homes have sought to end these placements. I cannot stress enough that we will be desperately in need of students to supplement and augment the existing workforce over the next few weeks. Please do not end these placements. If you have any concerns, please contact academic staff or Scottish Care.

Thank you all for your continued commitment and efforts in this challenging period.


Dr Donald Macaskill

Chief Executive, Scottish Care