Compassionate Care: free online course

 As part of the Knowledge into Action at Scale work, the Scottish Improvement Science Collaborating Centre is hosting a free online course, Compassionate Care: Getting it Right. The course will begin on the 17th of July.  

The SISCC first opened this course in October 2016, at which time nearly 10,000 health and social care practitioners, third-sector professionals, managers, students and service users joined in to share their experiences of delivering and receiving compassionate care.  

The course offers an enjoyable and enlightening continued professional development (CPD) opportunity for people working across all disciplines to learn about person-centred care and quality improvement. With 15 hours of learning over 5 weeks, the course gives learners the chance to learn from experts and peers,  and share insights from their own practice. 

Participants may choose to take part in a research study which aims to increase the evidence base around online learning in health & social care. 

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