‘Come On In’: resource for families

On Ordinary Living day of Care Home Week 17, it seems appropriate to highlight the 'Come On In' resource from the Care Inspectorate. 

The guide was launched to help family and friends of people living in care homes to make the most of the time spent together. This resource was developed by the staff, residents and their families of Campbell Snowden care home in Bridge of Weir with support from the Care Inspectorate and Scottish Care.

The guide is short and easy to use with practical tips, from preparing for your visit and giving your visit focus to looking after yourself and very importantly what residents themselves say makes a good visit.

Heather Edwards the Care Inspectorate’s dementia consultant said:

“We know that maintaining close relationships with loved ones is really important for the wellbeing of people living in care, particularly those living with dementia.

“But we also know from our experience, and the experience of the care providers we work with, that it can sometimes be difficult for people to adjust to visiting their loved ones in a new setting, particularly if that person’s behaviour or needs are changing.

“This guide contains some practical, simple advice about how to prepare for and enjoy visiting loved ones.

“For example sometimes people living with dementia don’t talk a great deal. It can be important not to worry about this , and understand that it’s ok to sit quietly together.

“Similarly, instead of asking questions like ‘what did you have for lunch’ which can cause distress if someone can’t remember, you could ask staff what was for lunch, or take a look at the menu, so you can then have a chat about lunch.”


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