Closing Care Home Week with a guest poem from Audrey Fessler

As we come to the end of the first ever Care Home Week in Scotland, we wanted to share an insight into care home life from the perspective of a resident and those who support her.  After all, they are the most important element of care home life.

Thanks to all who have helped us to celebrate the week - see you next year!

Audrey Fessler

Audrey has been with us at the Hilltop unit of Bandrum Nursing Home since January 2016. She moved into Hilltop from her own home in Nottingham. She will be 91 years young on her next birthday.

Audrey chose Bandrum to be her home of choice in December 2015 but chose to stay home for Christmas and then move up to Scotland in the New Year. She loves the company, beautiful scenery and nature that surround Bandrum and is still a practicing quaker.

Family is important to Audrey and the move into Bandrum allowed Audrey to be closer to her family who live near. She also keeps in regular contact with family who live further away and Skypes her son in Denmark weekly.

Some words of admiration from Audrey’s nurse , Jenny:

“Audrey read language and literature at Oxford University and has taught with many different establishments such as the Open University. After starting a family, Audrey was a part time careers advisor in Nottingham University. Audrey also obtained a PHD studying social aspects of children academic performance studying the work of Dr Elizabeth Newson who was paramount in discovering dyslexia. Her husband was a professor and both were very clever. She is probably the cleverest person we will ever meet.”

Audrey has shared with us a poem she has written as part of Care Home Week.

“Vision from Bedroom Window” by Audrey Fessler

Life is Change
Light to Dark
Love is blossom
Needing Nurture
Lasting forever

There are no better words to end a fantastic week of celebration. 


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