Climate Action & the Social Care Collective Roundtable Series – Report

We are pleased to publish the Climate Action and the Social Care Collective Roundtable Series – Report.

The Health and Social Care Academy and Scottish Care held a series of roundtables series between August – October 2021 to discuss social care in a changing climate. The events brought together speakers with experience and expertise from various backgrounds to discuss several themes – understanding the challenges for climate action in the social care sector, climate innovation and solutions, a wellbeing economy, net zero and reviewing the climate principles and actions developed as a result of the series.

While there no one expert, it was evident there are many in the sector who are keen to learn more and engage. Over the course of the series, it was clear that based on capacity and engagement there are many other issues in the sector that take precedence to climate action in social care but there is indeed a desire for change.

Embracing a commitment to change that is driven from a rights based, person-centred perspective will pave the way for action and implementation that is meaningful and just. Achieving radical and transformational change is a collective responsibility and fair representation of the social care sector must be part of Scotland’s priorities. Bridging the gap between principles, action and the changes that need to happen in the wider system will involve changes to law, policy and practice. As citizens, we are connected to social and political systems and within the sector we will continue to demonstrate how incorporating social care in the climate debate must be a priority.

We hope the report is informative and is just the beginning of an important conversation for sectoral sustainability.