Carrondale Residents Celebrate 21st Anniversary of Falkirk Wheel in Style

In a heartwarming tribute to the 21st Anniversary of the Falkirk Wheel, residents of Carrondale Care Home experienced a day filled with joy, camaraderie, and unexpected delights. The event, organised in collaboration with Cycling Without Age Scotland SCIO (a charity that works closely with Carrondale), was not only a celebration of this iconic landmark but also a meaningful culmination of a sponsored cycle in memory of the late ‘Stormin Norman’ Ridley.

The outing provided Carrondale residents with more than just a scenic day at the Falkirk Wheel; it became an opportunity to connect with old friends and make new ones. The atmosphere was filled with laughter, shared stories, and a sense of community spirit as everyone came together to mark this special occasion.

While the Falkirk Wheel’s 21st Anniversary was a significant milestone in itself, the day’s true highlight was the adorable presence of Tony, a 13-week-old Billy goat. Residents, team members, and volunteers alike found immense joy in interacting with this charming addition to the celebration.

The event demonstrated the power of community, remembrance, and the simple joys of unexpected encounters. Carrondale residents not only celebrated a historic landmark but also created lasting memories, proving that sometimes, it’s the small, delightful moments that make an outing truly special.

Collisdene Care Centre’s Rosie Brennan Conquers 60-Mile Cycling Challenge

In a heartwarming display of generosity and determination, Rosie Brennan, Activity Coordinator at Collisdene Care Centre, embarked on an extraordinary 60-mile cycling adventure around the captivating island of Arran. The journey, marked by a challenging ascent of 3236 feet, unfolded over a span of 5 hours. Rosie, accompanied by her camera-shy husband Craig who captured her journey, faced a forecast of adverse weather conditions, braving the cold, wind, and rain, with gusts forecasted to reach up to 37 mph.

Originally scheduled for Friday 20 October, the event faced an unforeseen delay due to a red weather warning. Undeterred by this setback, Rosie rescheduled and commenced her journey on Saturday 21 October, taking the ferry from Ardrossan to Brodick in Arran. Despite the unfavorable conditions, Rosie maintained a positive outlook, driven by her unwavering dedication to infuse the spirit of Christmas into the lives of the residents at Collisdene.

This remarkable journey, extending beyond personal achievement, unfolded as a selfless endeavour to create a magical Christmas experience for the residents. Rosie set a fundraising goal of £1000, but her efforts surpassed expectations, securing an incredible total of £1505.

The residents at Collisdene, filled with pride for Rosie’s remarkable achievement, expressed their admiration by creating beautiful posters to welcome her back to the home. This story encapsulates resilience, generosity, and community spirit, truly exemplifying the core values of the holiday season. Congratulations to Rosie on this outstanding accomplishment and we hope the residents at Collisdene has a truly magical Christmas!

Trailblazing AI Technology Enhances Care for Elder Homes

In a groundbreaking move, Elder Homes Ltd, a family-run care home group in Edinburgh, has embraced cutting-edge artificial intelligence (AI) technology to revolutionise the way they care for their residents. Utilising PainChek’s innovative AI-powered facial recognition system, the care homes have implemented a pain monitoring app that interprets subtle facial expressions, ensuring residents’ comfort and well-being.

The PainChek app, employed across both of Elder Homes’ facilities – Cluny Lodge and Chamberlain Care Home since July 2022, uses AI to analyse facial cues through smart devices’ cameras, detecting pain indicators like grimaces and winces. This innovative approach has empowered caregivers to assess pain levels more accurately, especially for residents dealing with cognitive challenges such as Alzheimer’s and dementia. This groundbreaking technology fills a crucial communication gap, allowing residents to express their discomfort effectively.

STV News recently did a piece on this at Cluny Lodge which you can access here.

Cheryl Henderson, Education and Dementia Coordinator at Elder Homes, has spearheaded the implementation of PainChek, ensuring staff members are proficient in caring for residents diagnosed with dementia. Henderson emphasised, “Using this technology, and other technologies across our homes has been extremely rewarding. We’re excited to see how the use of technology continues to develop and the benefits it can bring to care home residents across Scotland.”

Elder Homes Team, Cheryl Henderson is second left

The app’s success has resulted in enhanced pain detection and treatment, leading to reduced reliance on pain medication and more precise treatment plans. Additionally, Elder Homes employs various other cutting-edge technologies, including electronic medication systems and electronic charting, to provide comprehensive and efficient care to their residents.

PainChek, which is currently used in 18 care homes across Scotland, has proven instrumental in the Care Inspectorate’s Quality Improvement Plan. Fifteen more care homes are set to trial this transformative technology. Tandeep Gill, PainChek’s Head of Business Development UK&I, expressed their enthusiasm, stating, “Reaching over three million pain assessments is a real milestone for us – each one brings more objectivity and consistency to evaluating pain, whilst making a difference to care home residents and enhancing their quality of life.

“We’re delighted to see staff at Elder Homes leading the way in adopting PainChek and embracing innovation to improve pain assessment and deliver person-centered care.

“By achieving positive outcomes for care home residents and the care staff involved in the Care Inspectorate trial, we hope to gain the opportunity for a broader government-funded rollout across Scotland.”

Founded in Australia in 2016, PainChek stands as the world’s first regulatory cleared medical device for pain assessment. Elder Homes’ proactive adoption of this technology exemplifies their commitment to providing the best possible care to their residents. The Elder Homes group, including Cluny Lodge and two Morningside care homes, continues to set an exemplary standard in the field, ensuring that the elderly receive the care they deserve.

The Art Gallery of Boclair Care Home

At Boclair Care Home, the residents have discovered a newfound passion for art, thanks to the initiative led by their Activity Co-ordinator, Scott Grier. Scott, a retired architect and a skilled painter himself,  who has painted many wonderful paintings and raised phenomenal amounts of money for charities close to his heart. He recognised the residents’ fondness for arts and their love for Glasgow’s art galleries. Inspired by their enthusiasm, he encouraged them to explore their creativity.

Engaging deeply with each resident, Scott discovered their unique styles and approaches, empowering them to express themselves through painting, sketching, and even clay modelling kelpies and dogs. For many, this was their first venture into the world of art since their school days. Scott initiated the creative process by providing paints and paper, which led to the creation of some amazing artworks.

Boclair Care Home celebrated its first birthday, and in anticipation of this joyous occasion, Home Manager Maxine Kinnoch proposed transforming the lounge into an art gallery, showcasing the residents’ creations. This artistic transformation not only became a focal point in their café bar at the reception area but also enchanted visitors and residents alike.

Among the talented individuals at Boclair is James. James had a hobby of painting water colours for many years, however his progressing Alzheimer’s has  meant that his painting hobby was left untouched until he came into the care home. James painted some wonderful landscapes in his past and with reduced motor skills he still manages to paint some outstanding landscapes.

The Ocean by James Gorman

Meanwhile, Ella used to paint the “odd thing” but took the paper and brushes, showing the most immense concentration while painting. Ella has a wonderful sense of humour and has named her pictures with names to suit her personality. She titled her artwork of a hydrangea “A Pink Riot” as does not believe in her talent.

A Pink Riot by Ella McKerrow

Ella painted the artwork below to recall her days as a child in Dumfries and Galloway, many a happy memory shared. Ella recently has been working on a painting, commissioned for a staff member of her childhood memories.


Childhood Memories by Ella McKerrow

Ella painting

96 year old Ken, had never drawn in his life but his work has similar style to David Shrigley (who has made millions though his ‘basic’ artwork). This piece is called the ‘Wonky Donkey’ as it was drawn the day of the Scottish Grand National.


The Wonky Donkey by Kenneth Campbell

Next up is Joan, who is an amazing artist. She is registered blind and has only minimal vision in one eye with a prosthetic eye since early childhood. She draws and paints her pieces through memory. Joan continues to draw still life and faces, but also has a love of trees and hills. Joan was previously an art teacher but since having a stroke, she felt that she would never be able to draw or paint again, having this class has given her huge purpose and she is delighted to share her pictures.

A Wonderful Stranger by Joan Johnson

Paddington Bear is an old favourite and Boclair’s home mascot which sits in mangers office. Dot, who is 99 ¾ years young,  sketched this wonderful bear while eating his marmalade sandwiches with a well-deserved cup of tea

The Mascot by Dorothy McNaught

The team at Boclair would love to make these into post cards or greetings cards available to purchase. The artistic journey continues, with weekly sessions dedicated to nurturing these masterpieces, reminding everyone that creativity knows no age or limits.


Memorable Outing to Dundee Ice Rink for Braehill Lodge Residents

In a heartwarming event, residents from Braehill Lodge recently enjoyed a delightful trip to the Dundee Ice Rink. Accompanied by the warmth of companionship, two residents had a fantastic time, creating cherished memories and relishing the experience of ice-skating.

Take a look at the amazing pictures from this outing below, looks like so much fun!

Cycle Challenge Fundraiser – Let’s create a magical Christmas for Collisdene residents

In a heart-warming display of generosity and determination, Rosie Brennan, Activity Coordinator from Collisdene Care Centre is gearing up for an extraordinary feat. With just 9 days remaining, she is preparing to embark on a 60-mile cycling adventure around the picturesque island of Arran.

This remarkable journey isn’t merely a personal achievement but a selfless endeavour to bring the spirit of Christmas alive for the residents at Collisdene. Their goal? To create a magical Christmas filled with enchanting adventures and delightful events for their residents.

In a bid to raise funds for this noble cause, Rosie the spirited cyclist, has a Just Giving page. The response has been nothing short of awe-inspiring, with donations pouring in from compassionate souls who want to be a part of this heartening initiative. As of now, Rosie has reached a significant milestone, collecting a staggering £555, marking the halfway point toward the target of £1000.

This story of resilience, generosity, and community spirit not only warms the heart but also exemplifies the true meaning of the holiday season. Collisdene residents and supporters are encouraged to share in this uplifting news, spreading the word far and wide to make this Christmas a truly magical experience for everyone at the care centre.

To contribute to this wonderful cause and be a part of the magic, please visit Rosie’s Just Giving page and help bring the joy of Christmas to Collisdene:

Collisdene Residents Fundraise for Alzheimer’s Day

Collisdene Care Centre Residents Illuminate Alzheimer’s Day with High Tea Fundraiser

On September 21st 2023, the community at Collisdene Care Centre beamed with pride as its residents showcased their culinary talents by crafting delightful High Tea boxes in honour of Alzheimer’s Day—a cause deeply cherished by all.

Toni, a resident  at Collisdene, couldn’t contain her delight, declaring it the “best.” Sean, another resident, concurred with a simple yet heartfelt “love it.” Fellow resident, Emma, emphasised the joy of giving back.

With the invaluable support of the local Sainsbury’s store and the dedicated staff, these exquisite High Tea boxes found their way onto store to be sold captivating eager shoppers.

The day itself was nothing short of spectacular, with residents and staff exuding excitement, pride, and happiness as they rallied for this meaningful cause. Their collective efforts resulted in an astonishing £642 raised for the Alzheimer’s society a testament to the remarkable teamwork and dedication of everyone involved.

But the spirit of generosity doesn’t stop here. Collaborative plans are already underway with the Alzheimer’s Society for a special presentation featuring Collisdene Care Centre residents. This heartwarming event not only raised funds but also created lasting memories and strengthened the bonds of this close-knit community.

Find out more on Collisdene’s newsletters here and here.

Come Dine with Me at Hawkhill House Care Home

At Hawkhill House Care Home in Scotland, a delightful new activity called ‘Come Dine with Me’ has taken residents on a culinary journey down memory lane. With the aim of reigniting interests in food and promoting a healthy appetite, this initiative allows residents to take charge of their own dining experience, selecting their favourite meal and inviting cherished company to share in the joy.

Under the expert guidance of Hawkhill’s dedicated team, including talented Chefs, residents at Hawkhill House Care Home have been relishing the opportunity to cook their preferred dishes. The delectable aromas and the familiar sounds of sizzling pans in the kitchen have sparked a wave of happy memories, creating an atmosphere filled with warmth and nostalgia.

Mel Shearer, Home Manager at Hawkhill Care Home, expressed her delight, stating, “We believe that nutritious and appetising meals play a vital role in our residents’ well-being. Our ‘Come Dine with Me’ activity allows them to take an active role in their dining choices, promoting a sense of independence and satisfaction. It’s heart-warming to witness the joy it brings and the memories it evokes.”

One resident, Elsie, shared her enthusiasm, remarking, “It’s amazing to have the opportunity to cook my favourite food and bring back such happy memories. Thank you for making this happen!” Elsie’s salmon dish was made possible with the support of Joanna Siwińska and the entire team, who collaborated to ensure a memorable and enjoyable dining experience.

At Hawkhill House Care Home, fostering a sense of community and empowering residents to live fulfilling lives is at the core of their philosophy. Activities like ‘Come Dine with Me’ exemplify our commitment to providing person-centred care that goes beyond the ordinary, creating exceptional moments that truly make a difference.

Hawkhill House Care Home continues to explore innovative ways to enhance the lives of our residents, and the success of ‘Come Dine with Me’ further strengthens their dedication to ensuring a vibrant and engaging living environment for all.