PPE posters from Health Protection Scotland

To provide absolute clarity on what the revised PPE changes mean for health and social care staff working on the frontline, HPS has produced visual posters specifying what kind of PPE should be worn in which setting or scenario. A poster has been produced for each of the following settings:

1.Healthcare settings: Caring for patients not suspected or known to have COVID-19

2.Community settings: Caring for patients or residents not suspected or known to have COVID-19

3.All health and social care settings: Caring for patients who are confirmed or suspected to have COVID-19

4.High risk acute areas: Caring for patients who are confirmed or suspected to have COVID-19

The posters have been made available on the COVID-19 section of the HPS website at https://www.hps.scot.nhs.uk/a-to-z-of-topics/covid-19/ so that they can be printed and displayed in each of the respective settings. You can also download the posters below.

A3 Posters 

A4 Posters

New Covid-19 palliative care guidance – 3 April

Two new Covid-19 Guidelines have been added to the Scottish Palliative Care Guidelines. The new guidelines are for symptom management for when a person is imminently dying from Covid-19 and for supporting end of life care when alternatives to medication normally given through syringe pumps are required. The standard end of life care guidelines should be used for all other situations.

Further guidance related to Covid-19 is also now available on the Guidelines website and includes:

• Anticipatory Care Planning guidance
• Communications guide
• Practical resources to help professionals giving medicines
• Signposts to support members of the public through serious illness death and loss
• Support for professionals themselves

Revised PPE guidance now available – 2 April

A revised PPE guidance has been issued jointly by the Department of Health and Social Care, Health Protection Scotland (HPS), Public Health Agency Northern Ireland, Public Health England (PHE) and NHS England.

This guidance outlines what PPE frontline health and social care workers should be wearing in different settings and scenarios. Please see below for letter issued to Scottish Care with further information on this guidance.

CNO CMO letter PPE guidance COVID-19 - 2 April 2020

Health Protection Scotland has also published posters for use by social, community and residential settings.

Updated Guidance from Health Protection Scotland – 2 April

The following guidance on COVID-19: Information and Guidance for Social or Community Care & Residential Settings was updated on the 2nd April 2020 by Health Protection Scotland. it is now Version 1.6.

This now includes updated information and guidance for PPE. This guidance is to support those workingin social or community care and residential (SCCR) settings to give advice to their staff and users of their services about Covid-19.


ACP for Covid-19

Healthcare Improvement Scotland have been working alongside the Scottish Government to develop Covid-19 specific ACP templates and guidance.

They have published a new resource tool today (31 March 2020) named ‘Essential Anticipatory Care Planning Guidance and Template’. This resource has been developed to help support health and social care staff with ACP conversations and includes specific information relating to Covid-19.

Letter from Cabinet Secretary & COSLA on key workers during Covid-19

Scottish Care has received the following letter from the Cabinet Secretary for Health and Sport, Ms Jeane Freeman and COSLA’s Health and Social Care spokesperson Cllr Stuart Currie.

This letter was issued yesterday to chief officers, chief finance officers, chief social work officers and LA chief executives. This letter details information on the definition and status of key workers, as well as providing background and links to useful guidance.

Cabinet Secretary and Cllr Currie letter - social care key workers - 30 March 2020